Marriage Encounter Audio

What is the Marriage Encounter?!

We hosted Pastors Mark and Crystal Evans for the Marriage Encounter, on Saturday the 26th March.

The Marriage Encounter is for Christian married couples, as well as those couples who are engaged to be married. Pastor Crystal encourages us: “This is for engaged couples, couples that have been married for 1 day… couples that have been married for 102 years – kind of like us.”

Why should we listen in?

Pastors Mark and Crystal Evans are from our Sister Church, Northwest Church in Orlando, and taught and ministered at the marriage conference. Here is just a small insight, in their own words, into the kinds of things you should expect from these audio recordings:

“We have a prophetic word, and we have a practical word… The bible tells us in Genesis that God gave the command, gave the mandate, for the male and the female to rule together, and subdue the earth together. So we’re going to talk about that. We’re going to explore those topics. How do we do that? What does that look like in a marriage? What does that look like in cell groups? What does that look like in your family? And we’re going to learn alot!”

“We’re going to be telling you how to fight fair…”

The marriage encounter took place at Gate Church International, in Dundee.

Marriage Encounter Audio

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